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An important reason why Kyler Murray has been linked with the Arizona Cardinals before the draft is heap nfl jerseys authentic that he has a good understanding of the attack system of the cardinal boss, kliff Kingsbury. In off-season training, this connection continues to attract attention. Veteran outsider Larry Fitzgerald recently said the rookie quarterback is the player with the best knowledge of the attacking system in the nfl jerseys free shipping Murray agreed with his teammates, but said it was his job. "Obviously,cheap nfl jerseys free shipping I'm more familiar with offensive tactics; coach Kingsbury knows best."heap nfl jerseys authentic Murray said in an interview on Tuesday.wholesale nfl jerseys "He (Fitzgerald) didn't come to off-season training as an old player, heap nfl jerseys authenticand I am here every day, learning attacking tactics every day, yes, I do know more about attacking. But it's my job. " Murray's experience at university has put him a step ahead of some veteran players in learning offensive tactics, but he is not the only cardinal player familiar with the Kingsbury nfl jerseys "It may make sense that he has been in a similar offensive system for so many years,"wholesale nfl jerseys Kingsbury said of Murray's comments. Christian Kirk also knows a lot about offensive tactics. Some of these terms and concepts are really similar to what they've been through before.heap nfl jerseys authentic " For Murray,cheap nfl jerseys understanding offensive tactics is only part of the task, and it's a real test until the official game. The success of the cardinal in 2019 depends largely on its arms, legs and mind. It must be good news for him to be familiar with the attacking system.
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