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When Klein Ferrell, from Clemson University, was chosen by the Oakland Raiders in the fourth place of this year's draft, wholesale women jerseys many people were shocked. The Raiders didn't care about the idea that Ferrer could have been chosen later.cheap women jerseys They are looking for the right player for them, and finally they find the right person and pick him. What the Raiders are looking for when they come in is wholesale women jerseys whether the players are suitable for the defensive system of Paul Gunther, the defense coordinator. wholesale women jerseysGunther believes Ferrer can be compared with his excellent outside passing hand when he was in charge of the Cincinnati tigers. "Klein happens to be the player I'm looking for,"cheap women jerseys Gunther said recently.cheap women jerseys "The players we used to have are players like that. wholesale women jerseysMichael Johnson and Carlos Dunlap, when we were in Cincinnati, were defensive end forwards who were able to defend in every gear. They were big guys who were able to cross and run. So he happens to be the player we're looking for Dunlap, who plays for the tigers,cheap women jerseys is one of the most underrated setters in the league. Even though he is over 30, he can still put a lot of pressure on his opponent's wholesale women jerseys quarterback. In the past six seasons, he has made at least 7.5 tackles each season. Under Gunther, Dunlap was the best player in his career, and he was named in the professional bowl in 2015 and 2016. Johnson has also had many successful seasons under Gunther, with 44.5 goals in his career. Needless to say, if Ferrer eventually becomes a cross setter like Dunlap, the Raiders will be satisfied with their choice. Ferrer's skill may not amaze the scouts, but he is stable and excellent in every aspect. When Kansas City Chiefs prepared to start a three-day mandatory Mini training camp, defense interceptor Chris Jones did not report to the team Tuesday morning. Jones, who hopes to get a new contract,cheap women jerseys will enter the final year of his rookie contract. He may be fined for his absence from the mini camp. Jones also did not participate in the previous voluntary off-season training. The chief didn't comment much on Jones's absence. "We just train," coach Andy Reid said recently. "If you come, you will be better. If you don't come, you can't do it.cheap women jerseys " Jones played well last season, making 15.5 tackles, ranking first in the team and third in the league. Brett Veach, the team's general manager, wholesale women jerseyssaid at the start of the offseason that the chief wanted to renew Jones' contract before his contract expired.
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